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Gift Guide & Ideas

Shop DD8shop’s Gift Guide so you can wow friends, parents, spouses – anyone that may doubt your gift-giving capabilities! Whether that special someone could use a little pick me up, or a new outlook on life, you will find something here to rock their boats! 

Check out our dedicated money saver gifts section for perfect recommendations for any generic occasion you don’t want to scratch your head over!

gifts for smokers

Gifts for Smokers

Here at DD8Shop, we call your smoker friends “seasoned hemp connoisseurs”. Whatever their mom might say about it, we know they have an exponential knowledge about all things hemp, and in today’s economy that is a skill! That deserves reward and encouragement.  If you want your friend to discover other ways to consumer hemp, or if you want to indulge them with an extra special flower or preroll, we got you! 

Smokers friends deserve it all, our collection offers a wide range of products that other connoisseurs have enjoyed and recommended. Your gift will make it look like you are as current on the subject as your friend, isn’t that all we are searching for? Just someone to speak our language? Anyway, let us take you to the perfect gift!

gifts for women

Gifts for Women

Delta 8 Gifts for Women makes sure you hit the spot EVERY TIME! Whoever you are getting this special treat for, they deserve the best and we are here to help you find just the right thing. Show love with a relaxing Delta 8 infused bath bomb, or maybe wish them good luck on a big occasion with some delta 8 softgels and gummies. If they are a little more of a wild spirit, a preroll or some flower is always a homerun!

This section has the thing that will make your special person feel like a million bucks, all for a price that will make you feel fuzzy inside.

gifts for men

Gifts for Men

Delta 8 Gifts for Men takes care of the men in your life. Yes, yes they’re tough and all, but they do deserve care and attention. This is what we’re here for!

Do they need more energy? Get some Delta 10 blend and give them the boost they need! A little too hyper? Try out some Delta 8 and give them the gift of relaxation! Or simply revive the memory of their college days with a good old bowl of flower for breakfast.

This section really has something for all the men in your life, they just have to be over 21😉

From vapes to edibles, you will find that little something to make them feel special.

gifts under 50

Gift Ideas Under $50

It’s that time of your life, you’re grown up, you have money in your name, and bills… and suddenly the reason your mom didn’t want to buy the last Nintendo console 2 months after Christmas makes sense. Maybe you have more siblings than there is money for this year. Or you may want to keep your gifts wallet-conscious. For all those reasons and more, we have a Delta 8 gifts under $50 just for you!

This selection is sure to make the people around you feel extra special without looking like you spared expenses on them. 

Find a gift for your office sister-in-law, your partner’s 3rd week of birthday month celebration, or just if you’re looking for a smart deal for yourself! The best thing is, you may not even need an occasion to make this section your treat’yo’self’ arena!

gifts under 25

Gift Ideas Under $25

Not every gift has to be a grand gesture and break the bank! Maybe your friend just needs a little pick me up after a rough week. Your office secret Santa may happen to be the manager that breathes down your neck a little too much! Or you just want to keep gifts in the realm of wallet-conscious. This is your money and you are the one in charge!

To help make the people in your life feel special on a budget, we selected items that feel thoughtful while staying affordable.  Find a gift for your office Holiday Party, your 6th birthday party this month, or just if you’re looking for a smart deal! 

Heck, get yourself a little something, no one ever said you couldn’t buy yourself a gift too!

best delta 8 gifts

Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Anytime between Labor Day and Easter is a good time for a holiday gift! But sometimes, finding just the right thing for this one special person, or for a needy family member can be a real challenge. Whether the person you want to celebrate is hard to please or if you have a hard time choosing out of nervousness, we have something for you! Our selection of holiday gifts is kept concise to cut the guesswork out of your decision, and all gifts are just extra thoughtful to guarantee a homerun whatever you chose. 

Searching for something special for a special someone? Look no further! Shop our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts selection to upscale your holiday!